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“After all this time? … Always” #HarryPotter20

The Harry Potter series was introduced to me after my Mom died. I found a place to heal and a place to let my imagination fly on a broom.

This week and always. I am grateful for the friends that I found in the characters of this series. I’m grateful for the spark of imagination. I’m grateful for the magical trips to another world.

Colline was grateful for butterfly kits. What are you grateful for this week?

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Focus: WP Photo Challenge

I’ve always been fascinated with the determination and focus that bees have. They spend their lives collecting pollen from the flowers in their area…even the ones that are too small to hold their weight!

I’m still not sure which photo I like best. The cropped photo, focusing on the bee or the one with the out-of-focus background. (taken with Asus Zenphone 3 Laser phone)




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Walk With Me Wednesday … Home and in Trenton, ON

Just Breathe

P_20170601_195404_vHDR_Auto Evening walk in Trenton Ontario. Looking out over Bay of Quinte. (Lake Ontario)

This week took us to Trenton, Ontario for an evening. It was lovely to enjoy an evening walk with new scenery.

20170601_154738 Not the only one walking … a young turkey has been walking in our neighbourhood.

The weather at home this week has been nice. Several evenings I’ve seen this young turkey wandering the neighbourhood. 🙂

Where did you walk this week?

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