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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Tears in my Coffee

The kettle is on and the pot of coffee is fresh. Please come on in. I look forward to the company on this windy, grey day.370b0ce89f5cf05b6b740e835f4a6221_wind-blowing-animated-gif-wind-wind-clipart-gif_400-377


I haven’t sat with you for a coffee and chat for many weeks. I’m sorry. I just don’t know where the time is going. Which makes me even sadder.

Life is too damn short to not take make the time to sit and have coffee with friends.

Today I’m sipping slowing and savoring my favourite ice latte while listening to my hubby play his online game. I am intensely grateful that I get to do this today. So much so I can almost physically feel it.

My son’s best friend lost his Dad last night to cancer. This wonderful man was kind and generous… full of laughter. My heart breaks for my son’s friend, for his siblings, his family and for his Mom. My heart is aching for my son. How do I help him help his friend?


This past week was thankfully full of family time. Last weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner, wandering the craft shows with my hubby and kids, out to a play at the Shaw Festival with my sister & brother-in-law. I also got to watch my son, his friend and their team play and win a football game. His friend was so happy … he got a sac and his jersey was signed by his Dad. It was a good day for football and a good memory.

Who did you spend your week with?

Thank you for stopping by.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare ~ WHERE did the time go?

If we were having coffee…

Come on in. Actually, lets grab a blanket and sit on the porch. It is Earth Day, so we should be out there enjoying our planet!earth day 2

Would you like a coffee or tea? 

It seems like yesterday that I was fussing about the cost of socks and wondering how I was going to adjust to my daughter living away from home.  Yet here I am with ONE MORE SLEEP until I get to go pick her up from university. I lived and she thrived!

Actually, I feel like these past several months that she’s not the only one who grew. She’s a young lady now with a hint of the little girl 😉 I feel like I’m adjusting to this new stage of ‘me’. In January I decided to make a separate blog that more of a journal and I’m enjoying my regular posts there. I’ve had a blog for my yarn art (crochet) for a while now. I find it easier to organize visually with separate blogs than having different pages here.

Can I top up your beverage? Do you want an extra blanket?

canada150_lapelpin_largeHere at Patchwork Ponderings, I’m enjoying the freedom of sharing whatever catches my interest. Did you know that Canada’s Constitution and Charter of Rights are 35 years old this week? In my Grateful for… weekly post, I shared about a neighbour cleaning our wooded area and a stranger’s kind words.

I’m still feeling the delightful surprise that she stopped me to tell me that she liked my dress. I was feeling self-conscious yet proud of me. I haven’t blogged about it on Just Breathe yet but I hit a milestone in my weight loss journey this week and that lovely stranger just put the shine on an already special week.

Thanks for stopping by. What has added to your happiness this week?  Kindly visit Nerd in the Brain to find the link up, where you’ll find more blogs to share a coffee with.



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#WeekendCoffeeShare ~ Patchwork Ponderings is 5 today!

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. Come on in. What would you like today? Coffee, tea? I can make it hot or iced. Perhaps I should pop out and get some fancy treats for us to celebrate?


Another week has flown by and I’m not quite sure where it went. I’m really not sure what to talk about today. (quietly giggles) I find that amusing because it’s 5 years later and that’s kind of how I started; with no clear “this blog is about” idea.. hence the name. I did ponder at one point to set this blog up as others have done. Having pages/ sections dedicated to varying interests but I ended up creating new blogs for those interests (crochet and person health/growth journey). It was more of an aesthetic choice. I like having a different setup and display options for those.

Overall I’m so thrilled that my friend encouraged me to do this. I was just saying to my hubby that most of my everyday life revolves around my kids. I love it 99% of the time 😉 But that stage of my life is winding down. In a couple of years, my youngest will be out of the house. Having a blog (or three) gives me a creative outlet beyond being Mom.

I’m also so pleased that through blogin’ I have be introduced to all of you. My world is better because of you and your blogs!

Thank you very much for stopping by today!  Logo_1489978546491


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#WeekendCoffeeShare ~ Blustery Week

Welcome! If we were having coffee we’d be enjoying the sunshine from inside today. You know it’s been a strange winter for us when you’re surprised to see that white stuff covering the ground.

370b0ce89f5cf05b6b740e835f4a6221_wind-blowing-animated-gif-wind-wind-clipart-gif_400-377The most unsettling weather this week was the wind storm. Looking back I surprised they let us go out of that afternoon break (at the school). We were all being pushed around and it was so loud that you had to yell to talk to the person beside you. That kind of loud where you come back inside, chat with someone then realize you’re still yelling. ooops

But the ‘I need to get away’ feeling was there all week. As an introvert, I plan regular breaks. The small breaks are fine but I so look forward to the longer breaks. These are times that I can fully recharge; not just top up my battery. I’m so happy that March Break is here!

Oh dear! I’m sorry. What can I pour you to drink? I’m just sipping water right now.

I do enjoy these #WeekendCoffeeShares it’s a wonderful way to hear about your world while I step back from mine for a minute.

Here on Patchwork, I’ve been working behind the scenes to make posting more organized.237728 {hehehe It’s March and I’m still continuing on 2017s Resolutions!} I’ve been deciding what challenges that I want to continue participating in. What posts of my own do I want to do weekly or monthly?  Thinking about how or if, I want to interlink my blogs. I guess it’s sort of Spring Cleaning time.

Do you do a spring clean at your blog? I look forward to popping over to visit. Have a wonderful week.

We Spring Forward…Do you?


Thank you to Nerd in the Brain for hosting #WeekendCoffeeShare Kindly pop over to find out more about this weekly chat.


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#Weekend Coffee Share ~ Creating in a Mess

If we were having coffee I’d start by apologising. I’m going to have to clear you a spot in my living room.  Housework was ignored the last couple days as my hubby and I both had a creative focus. I’ll have to warn you like my living room my mind is kind of cluttered at the moment.

Would you like some coffee? tea? hot chocolate? chai latte?  We have a variety. I’ve been shopping at the local ‘k-cup’ store since we have a new coffee machine.

It feels really good to be into my crocheting again! For a few months, I felt such a slump. Perhaps it was the adjustment to my daughter living away at university? And maybe a mix of what’s going on at work. A new boss and her style are very different from the previous, it’s had such an impact on the whole place. My job is stressful every day when it really shouldn’t be.

What am I working on? So glad you asked! My “baby” is turning 16 soon. I made his sister ajack-skellington-c2c bed sized TARDIS for her 16th and for him I’m making a Jack Skellington blanket. I’m very proud of how my daughters turned out. Hopefully, my son’s will also!

I had toyed with and tried a few other approaches for this blanket but found my “ah HA” moment while looking at Corner to Corner {C2C} blankets by

It seems I’ll be busy posting on my crocheting blog this weekend!

How’s your beverage? Do you need another? I hope you don’t mind my cat cuddling up to you.

My tea is still doing great! I discovered the difference between the economical and the expensive travel mugs this week. My ‘forgotten tea’ stays HOT.

My mind is wandering back to early this week. Where I work, one of our kids that has behaviour management difficulties had a break through moment. I am so happy for him. It’s moments in time like this one that shines through what has been a very stressful time.

I think I’ll keep mulling over the rest of what’s on my mind this weekend.  If we were having coffee what would you chat about?


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