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Grateful for a neighbour and a stranger

On one of my regular walk routes, there is a small wooded area. Over the past few months, garbage has been collecting there in the small trees and brush. It’s also quite a wet area. So I’ve been putting off cleaning it. Waiting for the land to be less mushy.

To my delight this past week someone who isn’t as la-di-da as me stood up and did something. They had spent some time on the warm, windy day to pick up several bags of garbage. 🙂 Goes to show that every day is Earth Day. 20170416_122230


My other moment was just a very brief one. I was leaving an event with my honey. It was one where I had to get dressed up. (heels, fancy dress and all) I have not dressed up that much in years! I was feeling very self-conscious, even as the night was ending. Then much to my surprise a lady who was passing by commented “I just have to say…I love your dress.” I think I thanked her. I hope I did. I just asked…my hubby says I did. 😉



I feel a very grateful and little overwhelmed by the #RAK that strangers showed me this week. I’m definitely inspired to ‘step up my game’ and spread some kindness.

What are you grateful for this week?

Colline was grateful for a woodworking workshop.


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#WalkWithMeWednesday ~ Icy Stream

Over on Just Breathe and Be Thankful, I’ve started a weekly post.

As part of my journey to a healthy me I’ve started walking regularly. I have a camera with me and usually have to pause my walk to collect a photo.

Where have you been on your walk? I’d love to see. Kindly pop over to Just Breathe to share your walk each week.

Our weather has been all over the place here in Southern Ontario. Last weekend it was cold. It felt very cold because the previous week it was warm enough to just go out in t-shirts!  But the sun was shining and I found some lovely photos!