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30 Days of Gratitude Prompts (reblogged)

Just Breathe

I happened along this while browsing Pinterest. I love the idea! I think I’ll use a few of these for my grateful for.. weekly posts over on my everything blog.


FYI-I have not yet looked at the website this came from. It sounds like a nice idea to get positive texts however my phone budget is limited and since this site is not likely from my country it could be pricey!

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(reblogged) One Word Intention for 2017 | Jill Conyers

Create a deeply rooted intention for the new year with one word as your guide. Source: One Word Intention for 2017 | Jill Conyers

While looking for inspirational quotes and photos for my ‘journal blog‘ I found  Jill Conyers site. The first two posts that I’ve read have been like finding words to that tune that’s been floating in my head for the past few weeks.  I’m looking forward to reading more so I thought I’d share my “find” with you.

BTW.. my word this year is Organise. Organise my meals, my work space, my thoughts. ~ LavendarLadi




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Parks Canada – Plan your visit – New accommodations {reblogged ~ Unique camping}

via Parks Canada – Plan your visit – New accommodations

Goutte d’O in Fundy National Park Photo Credit: Parks Canada
Sept 14 016

Want to experience something completely different this fall? We’re testing a variety of new accommodations, and reservations are still possible! Couples should try our Micro-Cube or Double-Tent for comfort, or the Cocoon Tree Bed or Goutte d’Ô for an experience like no other! Families and friends might want to try out our custom designed Tiny Home on Wheels. Find out more here: