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Focus: WP Photo Challenge

I’ve always been fascinated with the determination and focus that bees have. They spend their lives collecting pollen from the flowers in their area…even the ones that are too small to hold their weight!

I’m still not sure which photo I like best. The cropped photo, focusing on the bee or the one with the out-of-focus background. (taken with Asus Zenphone 3 Laser phone)




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Order: WP Weekly Photo Challenge


I’ll have to search for a new photo (or two) for this week’s challenge but this photo from a few weeks ago is the first one I thought of when I saw the challenge. The red and white tulips planted in a specific order to form a maple leaf.

20170508_160520 It was one of many eye-catching displays that the tulips made this spring. I have to go down to the Niagara Parks Commission soon to see what the next planting is!


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Shot in the Air – Evanescent [a WP Photo Challenge]

This challenge is wide open. Evanescent can be any fleeting moment in time. It could be the moment you drop a seed into your garden, marking that promise of new growth to come. It could be a photo of the Eastern Phoebe that visits your deck each day, wagging her tail as she calls her own name. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it could be that carpet of leaves that fell overnight, before the wind scatters them. It might be the moment you light the first fire of Fall.


That moment between transferring energy to the shot put and its landing.