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shhh… a collection of silent moments

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In the life of a Mom silence is a precious thing. I cherish the moments knowing that the moments will stretch into longer and longer times as they grow older.  (I try not to think too much about that…it brings sadness into my cherished silence.)

I had several photos to pick from as silence and quiet moments are very much needed for me to recharge. I seek silence daily.

The WordPress photo challenge was to show what silence looks like. What do your moments of silence look like?




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Looking ~ Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challengers Choice

“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

As we drove into Allegany State Park, I just had to snap a few photos! We’ve been looking forward to this vacation for a while. It’s kind of funny that of those few photos my favourite was one looking behind us. At the sunset in my mirror.

Looking. (Patchwork

Taken with Nokia Lumia 920.

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