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From the Narrow Gap~ WP Challange

wee groundhogs peeking @ Patchwork Ponderings (1)

Last spring we were thrilled to share the rooms above their home. Each afternoon (when it wasn’t pouring rain) we happily watched to see who was the bravest; who would come out the narrow gap under our cabin to play in the tender grass.

wee groundhogs peeking @ Patchwork Ponderings (2)

They were a busy little crew. It was a daily debate; some said there were 9 siblings other said 7 siblings, two of which were extra feisty and running everywhere. We never saw their parents at this time. We only saw them occasionally later in the afternoon. We suspected that the crew were sneeking out when Mom and Dad went for dinner. đŸ™‚

peeking out from the narrow gap
peeking out from the narrow gap under our cabin

It’s hard to say but this crew peeking out of the narrow gap may have been the highlight of our trip to Allegany State Park, New York.

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World Photography Day & World Orangutan Day

In honour of these celebrations I’m sharing my favourite photo that I’ve taken at our local zoo.  The Toronto Zoo opened it’s doors August 15 1974.

Toronto Zoo

My “old” camera was just too slow for the impulse moment that this photo just missed. I wished I had captured the kiss that Daddy Molek and Budi shared.

The Toronto Zoo cares for the only orangutan troop in Canada. If you are going to be in Toronto, Canada on the weekend (August 22/23) they have a special Orangutan event.

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Animals

happy cat

Nokia Lumina 920 ~ Nokia camera app

4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel).