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Of light and shadow.. {A Throwback Thursday post}

Bastet’s Challenge this week:

We all know that light is the most essential part of photography. Without light, in fact we get no images at all, even if our eyes can see something cool we’d like to photograph the picture usually comes out nearly black, to confirm this, try to take a photo at night without a particularly good camera, special filters etc.

Sometimes the opposite happens. The light is just too bright and you get a lot of “white”, there’s little contrast or too much. Sometimes that photo can’t be saved even if you’re a master of Photoshop ™ … as Leanne Cole, who talked about the problem last year.

But what I want to do today is play with light. Specifically shadows!

Straight lines, natures line and my wintery shadow! These are photos where I found the shadows caught my eye.

Here…the light between the shadow caught my eye.

Hidden Mickey light shadow

Once you start looking for Hidden Mickey’s you never quite stop. 😉

When I think of playing with shadow’s I think of Peter Pan’s playful shadow and the scene where Wendy sewed it back on.

Wendy: Where do you live?
Peter: Second to the right, and then straight on till morning.
Wendy: They put that on the letters?
Peter: Don`t get any letters.
Wendy: But your mother gets letters.
Peter: Don`t have a mother.
Wendy: No wonder you were crying.
Peter: I wasn`t crying about mothers. I was crying because I can`t get this shadow to stick. And I wasn`t crying.

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Wind { A throwback Thursday post}

“Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.” : W.O. Mitchel

Bastet tells us that one of the element’s (earth) attributes is:

The Chinese think Earth is associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability.

For more explaination on this weeks challenge and how ‘Wind” relates to Earth please visit :

I highlighted Bastet’s information because I think these photos, of a squirrel stealing bird seed during a very windy day shows, “qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability.”

Gathering food … Fall 2012 Canada

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A beautiful poem

I read this poem this morning and it has stayed with me. I don’t like to ‘reblog’ the post because it pastes the whole thing here when I want you to visit Bastet and Sekhemet’s Library.

Her beautiful words took me to a moment… I could feel the wind.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and kindly visit Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library to read  In a wind storm.

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Til Next Time

Humm… What to add to a farewell party?


Some fireworks and flowers and happy memories. (my favourite Pixelventures prompt)


I love the Dusk challenge. (Since I’m just picking one.) The place between daytime and dreamtime where magic meets. It’s also where we ponder the day. Today it’s where we ponder our happy memories of our Pixelventures.

Thank you Bastet! It’s been a great party!

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The prompt today is spontaneous, by this I mean go out for a walk and just snap a few photos and choose the best. Use the apps we practiced with week before last and show us the results!

I didn’t really ‘feel’ any of the photos from my walks this past week. While waiting for my son, who was umpire at a baseball game, I was snapping photos of the clouds.

I’ve been “collecting” cloud photos for a summer ‘project’. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them all but …the clouds have been fascinating this summer.

Anyways.. back to today. The moon showing up to watch the game surprised me a wee bit so, volia! My spontaneous photo.