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I’d rather be…

visiting one of my happy places. The first place that popped into my mind is Walt Disney World.

Then I thought oh oh oh I rather be camping. Do I have to pick just one?

I long to go camping at Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. We already have some reservations for this summer! Can’t wait to help celebrate Ontario Parks 125th!!

I love the magic of Disney because it gives me such scope for the imagination! I adore the detail and care that is put into creating a place of fun for families; for the young and young at heart. But I equally love the connection to nature. The total relaxation of camping.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

― John Burroughs

Yes. I’d rather be visiting Disney or camping! 🙂 What would you rather be doing right now?





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shhh… a collection of silent moments

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In the life of a Mom silence is a precious thing. I cherish the moments knowing that the moments will stretch into longer and longer times as they grow older.  (I try not to think too much about that…it brings sadness into my cherished silence.)

I had several photos to pick from as silence and quiet moments are very much needed for me to recharge. I seek silence daily.

The WordPress photo challenge was to show what silence looks like. What do your moments of silence look like?




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Grateful for a wonderful summer.

The last few weeks of summer just flew by. Well… most of it did. We did pause the rest of the world when we went camping.

It’s been a while since I posted a gratitude / Three Things Thursday post so I thought I’d start back by looking back.


P_20170825_092722Each day my hunny made me a cuppa tea. It’s the little things like this that make me feel so loved.

The tea was extra special because I was so happy to enjoy it while listening to the birds and counting the spider webs.










I smile each time I remember the hours we spend reading.P_20170826_132728

It felt like such a luxury to have hours and hours to just read.

I’m also thrilled that both my kids spent the week reading!





There was also some unexpected joy.


We woke one morning to find our neighbour was gone and a little package of food items left for us.

Merci from Rock Point Provincial Park, Canada!



Three Things Thursday post, created by Emily at Nerd in the Brain and hosted by Natalie at There She Goes.

Share your joy by posting three things big or small, that have made you happy this week and join in the fun! Want to know what it’s all about? Then click here!







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Parks Canada – Plan your visit – New accommodations {reblogged ~ Unique camping}

via Parks Canada – Plan your visit – New accommodations

Goutte d’O in Fundy National Park Photo Credit: Parks Canada
Sept 14 016

Want to experience something completely different this fall? We’re testing a variety of new accommodations, and reservations are still possible! Couples should try our Micro-Cube or Double-Tent for comfort, or the Cocoon Tree Bed or Goutte d’Ô for an experience like no other! Families and friends might want to try out our custom designed Tiny Home on Wheels. Find out more here:

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If we were having coffee.. walks, books and stars.

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to the front porch because my living room is still cluttered with stuff from our camping trip and our daughters upcoming move.

I’d tell you about some of the photos I took with my phone while camping. I’m looking forward to seeing how they can fit into photo challenges and some of my other posts. I took my regular camera with me but didn’t even take it out. For the most part my phone takes better photos. I guess it’s time to consider a new camera because my phone doesn’t do distance or true macro shots. That’s a good reason to get a new camera isn’t it?Photo_2016-08-22_01-22-56_PM

I love to go for walks through Rock Point Provincial Park to see what little things catch my attention. My hubby walks with me and for some reason seems to enjoy watching me take photos. The walks through the park and the sunset walks along the beach are so relaxing. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the summer.

Are you reading a book right now? I had hoped to read more during our vacation but I brought the 4th book in The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. The problem is I’ve just read the first and should have brought the 2nd book. Oh well. I had other things to keep me occupied and I enjoyed watching both my children reading. It’s a common sight to see my daughter reading but my son.. it’s a rare pleasure to see him so into a book. He was reading Eragon, the first novel in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

There’s so much to love about camping. The walks, photos, quiet reading and nights by the fire watching the sky fill with stars. Sitting there listing to the loud symphony. The frogs and the insects were singing their little hearts out. That was my ‘grateful for’ topic for this week. Colline over at Colline’s Blog got me started writing a weekly post. Being mindfully grateful is a good thing.

Do you stare at the stars? No matter how old I get I’m just so in awe of them.

Would you like some more coffee? How was your week?

This post is in response to Part Time Monster’s #WeekendCoffeeShare.