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Scale – WordPress Photo Challenge

coneflower selfie

I’m feeling very small today so this photo seems to fit my perspective well.

Photography, and any visual art, is all about perspective. Where and how you place other objects in the frame can completely change how another part of the picture looks. In drawing, placing an object farther down on the page and making it larger gives the appearance that it’s close; conversely, a smaller object towards the top of the frame seems farther away.

For this week’s challenge, make use of sizing, placement, and scale in your photos. Perhaps you live in a place with mountains, and want to highlight the size of the homes in relation to the dramatic landscape. Or, conversely, if you live in a city, how do the buildings change when you place a smaller object, like a cup or a toy, in the front of your frame? Can you make them appear smaller or, conversely, can you make them look like the biggest skyscrapers in the world?

Have some fun with perspective and show just how big, or little, the world can seem.


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WP Photo Challenge: Look UP

Toronto (2)

Toronto (3)

Toronto (1)

The tallest tower in the western hemisphere had it’s last piece secured April 2 1975 ever since then the CN Tower has defined the Toronto skyline at 553.33m (1,815ft5in).  That’s a long way to look up!


Toronto from Queenston

Even on hazy summer days you can see the CN Tower in the Toronto skyline. While the buildings in the downtown core are tall the CN Tower; slightly left of the core, soars above them. This photo was taken from Queenston Heights about 65 km across Lake Ontario.

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Travel Theme: Inspiration

What inspires my photographs? Usually nature catches my eye but often I can’t tell you want the little spark was that made me stop and look through my lens. As with many explanations in my blog posts.. it’s anything that gives “scope for the imagination”.

As I wondered through my photos today I see that I’ve been inspired to look up.  🙂 Look up that’s where you’ll find the clouds and sun and stars, rainbows and blue skies.

NF water tower

in the branchs

CN Tower

at UofG



What inspired others this week? Kindly visit Where’s My Backpack to see.




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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: B & W ~ Looking Up

A few weeks ago we were in Toronto at a fair featuring the universities in Ontario. It was a beautiful day to walk through the city. Warm and bright.


I took this photo of the CN Tower just as we came out of the Convention Centre.

In the original photo every but the sky was black/grey and white.

I used PhotoScape’s grey scale tool to modify the photo.

This may be the last photo I share from my Nokia Lumia 920. While I love the phone it was acting up and there are few apps for it. 😦

Kindly visit Lens and Pens by Sally to see more black and white ‘mobile’ photos.

~ ~ ~

My Twitter feed has my ‘someday’ black and white photo!  In a few months when the panda twins are big enough I want to visit and photograph them! They can be a Week 3 / Black and White photo subject!! ❤