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November: Woodland

I go to nature to be soothed and healed,

and to have my senses put in order. ~  John Burroughs

Nowhere is this more true than during time in the woodlands. My family spends many long weekends visiting some of our favourite, familiar woods. It’s like visiting old friends; you know the type, the ones that you can see once a year but pick up as if it was last night?  I hope you enjoy the quick visit with our friends.

Spring in Allegany State Park, New York, USA

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Fall in Southern Ontario, Canada

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During November I want to see trees or leaves or anything found in a woodland environment

(this can include individual trees or leaves or woodland/forest views, fungi, wildlife or wildflowers – it can be of an autumnal flavour or anytime in the year, up to you)

Thank you to The Earth Laughs in Flowers for this monthly garden challenge!

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More May Wildflowers: Garden Challenge.

I posted a wildflower post earlier this month but after visiting Allegany State Park in New York USA I had to share a few more.

Bugleweed and fungus / wild mushroom
Bugleweed and buttercup


Kindly visit The Earth Laughs in Flowers for more wildflowers.


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April: Macros in the Garden

first daffodil (2)
first daffodil
pussywillow inside (5)
raindrops on crocus' (2)
kiss of light rain on the crocus’
?  “pretty flower”

Kindly visit The Earth Laughs in Flowers to see more garden macros and to see what next months challenge is. Hope to see your garden soon! Happy Gardening !

I’m not sure what flower (bulb) that last one is. I’ve planted several flowers when I started my garden because they’re pretty. It’s one of my first bloomers. After the crocus’ just before the hyacinths here in the Niagara Region, Southern Ontario. (Zone 6b)

It makes me think of narcissus’ 20160422_112407 but the leaves seem more like tulips…

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A wee touch of Spring in my Garden.

This month’s garden photography challenge has turned out to be quite the challenge for me! I’ve had almost no luck capturing the wild life. 😉

Will pussywillows count? LOL

little spring pussywillows

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

I did finally get one photo of a robin. I really wanted his red breast in the photo. Apparently robins are shy, as they all seem to turn their backs to the camera!

Robin in the sun

Wild life in the garden – insects, birds, rabbits, hedgehog, snake (!) whatever you can find in your neighbourhood. This includes public spaces and national parks, but not zoos or wildlife parks.

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Winter’s abstract sculpture.

abstract in winter (2) - cropped

I’ve been under the weather this past week. So I’m sneaking in one photo for both challenges. Kindly visit Daily Post’s challenge to see other season photos and Where’s My Backpack for other abstract photos.

It was a beautiful late winter day. The sky was an amazingly bright blue and the sun made the icicles glimmer like polished gems. The patterns this one had caught my imagination.