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WP Photo Challenge: Trio

trio of tubas

A trio of tubas being played in the Santa Parade.

three sparkle

Three candles waiting to warm the night.


Three crocus’ … a memory of spring.

~ ~ ~

There is something magical about three you know – a trio is tight and nicely economical. ~ Ian Williams

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Fall Clouds

The sky; clouds have fascinated me for ages.  Rainy fall days that change in a blink-of-an-eye are just amazing.

These photos were taken within minutes of each other. The wind just whipped those big clouds along!

These were taken with my “new” phone. Samsung Galaxy S3  While I love big fluffy clouds in bright blue sky (there are lots of shapes that give ‘scope for the imagination’ in the clouds) This day, I love the gray rain clouds. I like the shading and textures.

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