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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing the Sunset

I took these photos, with my Samsung Galaxy S3; of the sunset over Lake Ontario from Rock Point Provincial Park last week. I took several with slight differences at the time. (slight zoom or moved camera to the right etc). The first photo was just on the ‘auto’ setting. The second is in sunset mode and the third was a photo from ‘auto’ setting edited with a splash effect.



2016-08-29 08.50.28

Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there’s something good about feeling both. ~ Amy Grant

And since I couldn’t decide if I liked the full shots or the sunset crops best….

20160824_194133 - Copy

20160824_194241 - Copy

2016-08-29 08.50.28 - Copy

These photos have definitely highlighted something I need to work on as a photographer…. take the time to make your horizon STRAIGHT.  I was going to put the three cropped photos side by side but you would have been sea sick looking at them!


Kindly visit Lens and Pens by Sally to see what effects and edits other have done this week.


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Evening at the Lake

sunset over Lake Erie - Rock Point Prov Park

I am very pleased with this photo (and the others taken that evening). This photo was ‘the one’ I wanted to take when we set out for our walk. I smile every time because the evening stroll with my family was beautiful but also I imagine what I must have looked like taking this photo. My knee was hurting so I was bent over like a giraffe and slightly twisted holding my phone taking this photo. 😉

This photo was taken on Lake Erie, from Rock Point Provincial Park, Ontario. Photos like this one; taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3, no special effects, just ‘auto’ photo setting…. these photos impress me because I remember when a phone’s camera was… well more of a toy.

There are other beautiful photos taken with phones (and other mobile devices ) kindly pop over to Lens and Pens by Sally to see them.

My mother is a big believer in being responsible for your own happiness. She always talked about finding joy in small moments and insisted that we stop and take in the beauty of an ordinary day. When I stop the car to make my kids really see a sunset, I hear my mother’s voice and smile. ~~Jennifer Garner

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Grateful for cool evening walk

sunset stroll Rock PointWe’ve had an unusual summer, weather wise. It’s been very dry which makes our hot spells feel even hotter.

This week I’m grateful for the cool water and cool breezes during our sunset strolls. Lake Erie’s cool water was welcome during the extra hot days of our camping trip but it was the evenings that I enjoyed the most.

It’s very soothing to walk along the shore listening to the waves and the sea gulls while looking for rocks, fossils and sea-glass.  These walks made for some perfect evenings at Rock Point Provincial Park.


What are you grateful for this week?

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