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History in the Rocks (WP Photo Challenge: Texture)

When I saw this weeks theme I knew that I had to share some photos from my favourite Ontario Park.  These are fossils of a coral reef dating back to over 350 million years.

Every year I’m intrigued by the textures of the fossils on the rocks. It amazes me that after years centuries of weather, lake, and people these are still here for us to see and touch.


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fossil sample.jpg



Rock Point Provincial Park

What You’ll Like :

  • Exposed fossils of a coral reef dating back to over 350 million years embedded in limestone shelf along the beach
  • Viewing platform above sand dunes
  • 2 km hiking trail
  • 1 km of sandy beach
  • Fall monarch butterfly migration

I found a few photos for this week. I like blurred photos. I find they bring out textures that you never expected and allow your imagination to wander.

Above a rainy windshield while I wonder if I want to dash to the store. And the temperature controls the day both warm and cold, are blurred.

Below, this photo it brings out a feeling … It’s a very old church hall. The whole area is steeped in history and is said to be haunted. The blurred photo gives it a haunted feeling.

Church Hall

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

WP Photo Challenge: BLUR