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Partners: WP Weekly Photo Challenge

Er Shun with Jia Panpan and Jia YueYue
Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue with Mom Er Shun Toronto Zoo March 2016
Marshmellows and campfire a perfect partnership


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2015-12-19 17.06.23
Storm-troopers on patrol in Hollywood Studios
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Travel Theme: Still

I’m not sure if it’s my desire to stay still when I see the cheetah or the stillness of the cheetah that inspires me to add this photo for this weeks theme.

This photo was taken last March at the Toronto Zoo.

cheetah Toronto Zoo

If you’re lucky enough to see one of these animals ( IUCN status: Vulnerable) you’ll realise that seeing these cats move from still to chase in a film doesn’t fully account the feeling of raw power. It fascinates me that the animal who can go the fastest can be so utterly still.

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World Photography Day & World Orangutan Day

In honour of these celebrations I’m sharing my favourite photo that I’ve taken at our local zoo.  The Toronto Zoo opened it’s doors August 15 1974.

Toronto Zoo

My “old” camera was just too slow for the impulse moment that this photo just missed. I wished I had captured the kiss that Daddy Molek and Budi shared.

The Toronto Zoo cares for the only orangutan troop in Canada. If you are going to be in Toronto, Canada on the weekend (August 22/23) they have a special Orangutan event.

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WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

SIGNS: a sign that history happen ‘here’ / a sign of spring / a sign of love / a sign of well wishes / a sign of luck / a welcoming sign.


If you can read these signs, thank a teacher!  World Teachers Day ~ October 5 

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge:

From the street signs we see on our commute to work each day to the vintage neon signs put to rest in an outdoor museum in Las Vegas, signs are functional, but can also be decorative. Signs can direct us where to go, but they’re also pieces of art, which reveal much about the time period and culture in which they were made.

For those of you who have a less literal approach to our photo challenges, a sign can also be a gesture or a cue. Something welcome. Or mysterious. Or even foreboding.