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Travel Theme: Possiblities & Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginings

I love how challenges intertwine!

Where’s My Backpack asked us to show possibility.


The WordPress weekly challenge is beginning.

Life has many stops and starts. Each holds it’s own possibilities and things to ponder. At the beginning of a journey or project there’s so much to enjoy!

These show: the beginning of the first of many crochet project for 2014, the beginning of our road being paved! and last spring beginning to peek out. of my favourite beginnings. Paths! So full of possibility!!! What will we find?  And the beginning of a sand ____. A bucket some sand and water. Add a spark of imagination and voila.

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Look this an ending or a beginning? What possibilities will these little creatures find?

look its coming out

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Travel Theme: Connections

Where’s My Backpack has some beautiful photos starting off this week’s challenge.

Travel theme: Connections

I love the obvious connection between father and child in this photo. { A slow camera just missed the kiss. } I’m having problems finding the names of these two sumatran orangutans   They live at the Toronto Zoo, Canada. I’ll try to add that info at a later date.

a kiss for Dad

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Travel Theme: Delicate

Where’s My Backpack photo challenge this week is Delicate.

Pop on over to Ailsa’s blog to find out how to join this challenge!!

Both of these photos were taken at the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada.

I think this one is a delicate moth drinking nectar….if someone knows what kind (or if it’s a butterfly..) please share!


And this is one of the most peaceful places in the Zoo. The jelly fish tank. I could spend a long time just watching them float / swim ..the motion is so delicate.

Jelly Fish

My family and I will have to visit our local Zoo soon. They have some panda’s visiting! I loving watching how delicate they are while eating their bamboo.